Anchoring Your Understanding: Exploring The World Of Marine Grade Fasteners

What Is A Marine Grade Fastener?

A curated selection of fasteners specifically chosen to ensure maximum performance in a Marine Environment.

Why Make Marine Grade Your Go To?

Opting for marine grade fasteners is crucial to ensure the safety and longevity of your boats, as commercial-grade stainless options can lead to issues such as bent washers, galled nylocks, and rapid corrosion.

When You Modify, Replace & Build Choose Fasco's Marine Grade Fasteners!

A loose cleat can lead to catastrophic results. A galled nylock can cost hours on a repair and create frustration beyond measure.

No matter how many times you change a small washer, they still rapidly corrode away. Deck and rub rail rust streaks can age your boat and ruin beautiful bottom paint in months.

Case Study: Outperforming Commercial Equivalents for Longer Lasting Fasteners and Better Boating

Marine Grade Washers are stronger than commercial equivalents. Marine Grade holds up better under load and in an aqueous environment. Fasco Marine Grade nylocks have been modified to reduce galling. Fasco small washers outperform commercial grade by years. Longer-lasting fasteners mean more boating!

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